BLC Proof & Copy

A good copy-editor is more than simply an error-correction service. 

Your editor should help ensure that your material is well-organised and properly presented; that any factual issues are identified and queried; that any inconsistency or vagueness is eliminated; and that, in general, you have an independent and expert eye looking over the detail and style of your manuscript.

You need a proofreader or copy editor who can work to deadlines accurately, be flexible with work hours and respect the client’s confidentiality.

 Website content and marketing materials

 School materials for KS1-4, and other training materials

 HE and FE institutions

 Local government

 Fiction books of all kinds

 Non-fiction books

 Academic essays

 Translated works

 Menus

 Magazine and newspaper articles

A quick enquiry by text will get a response within 2 hours, until 10pm.

A more complex enquiry, by email or via the contact form will be replied to within 1 working day

Rates are as follows:

Proofreading:£15-20/hour, depending on the length of text and the complexity of the publication

Copy editing: £20-25/hour, again depending on the length of text and complexity of publication.

I can proofread hard copy or use MS Word; I am trained to use proofreading symbols.